2020 in 12 Photos

Lisa McCurdy
Feb 17, 2021


Yep, 2020 was a TOTAL dumpster fire of a year, but I’m not letting it pass without at least an attempt to collect a dozen good memories from the year like I have the last two years.


I kicked off the year with the Hangover Classic 5 Miler in my hometown, running alongside these three fantastic women who I knew from a nonprofit we all work with. Through the tough stuff in 2020, we grew much closer and I am thankful that the year brought me this girl gang!


My last flight pre-COVID was down to DC to celebrate my (sorority) big sister’s daughter’s first birthday! It was a beautiful weekend, I was able to get a great long run in on the National Mall, see another friend, and really had no idea what was about to happen….


At the end of March, I was furloughed from work for what we then thought would be just a few weeks. I started taking my dog on short hikes and long walks every day it wasn’t raining, and we discovered new trails and enjoyed a lot of outdoor time in the mild weather.


With my newfound free time (out of the office) I also spent a lot of effort on care packages for my husband who was on an overseas deployment. This was one of my favorites, which I packed and sent in April!


I celebrated Memorial Day at a friend’s lake house. Her husband, as well as the fiance of the third woman in this picture, were all overseas with my husband. We were lucky enough to meet each other and get close this year, and really leaned on each other when times got tough!


I spent almost 2 weeks in June with my parents at a beach house in Little Compton, Rhode Island. They rented the house from friends, and it was a perfect escape from the ‘real world’ and a safe way to spend time together.


I rang in 30! I spent the day with one of my best friends at her friend’s house celebrating with drinks and donuts by the pool. It was an emotional weekend with my husband being overseas, but I’m so lucky I was able to have a little celebration!


I spent a week at our family cabin in Maine with my parents and my niece and nephew. This was only one of the amazing sunsets we experienced that week!


Two of my best friends came up to visit over Labor Day weekend and one of their birthdays. We laid low because of COVID but enjoyed some beach time and a trip to the Vineyard where my husband and I got married a few years ago!


I took in a foster dog, Finnegan, for about a week. It was HARD, but finding her a forever home and a family that is crazy about her was certainly a highlight. She was a sweet girl but not a good fit for our family — mainly our current dog who was not interested in a sibling addition!


The highlight of the month, year, and decade. Thanksgiving night we welcomed our soldiers home from an 11(ish) month overseas deployment!


Another highlight of 2020 was seeing my best friend become a Mom. C was born back in September and I met him in November, but I also got to see him again in December, when my husband got to meet him as well. We are all over the moon in love with him! ❤



Lisa McCurdy

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