Where to Eat in Paris

Enjoying Paris in 2008. Take note of the digital photo quality- this was a camera!

I lived in Paris for a year between high school and college (2008–09), working as an Au Pair in the afternoons, attending french class in the mornings (sometimes) and generally having a pretty fantastic time.

Paris is full of so many amazing things to see and do, it can be overwhelming at first.

So, when they go, my friends often ask where to go when they’re in Paris, since I spent so much time there. Here’s a list of some of my places to grab a bite in the city of light! What are your favorites?


Montmartre: There’s this place called La Petaudiere on the corner of Rue Norvins and Rue Poulbot. If you go visit Sacre Coeur it’s right around the corner from there. It’s really traditionally made French food, and it’s really cheap (notice all these places are cheap- I was on a VERY small salary when I was there!) Their Onion soup is amazing and they also have really good pizza. It’s adjacent to a square with a lovely art market that is fun to walk around as well.

Tulleries: You can’t miss Angelina on 226 Rue de Rivoli. The hot chocolate is world famous, but their food should be praised as well. The food inside and right near the Louvre is wildly over priced, so go at least a block back from the river and the museum if you want to not break the bank — the food is just as good if not better because they aren’t paying the exorbitant rent by being near the Louvre.

There’s also a place called Le Soufflé at 36 Rue du Mont Thabor. It’s a neat place to try all different kinds of soufflé, and it is tasty. Leave room for a big meal, you’ll want to have both a lunch and desert!

The Mosque of Paris

Jardin Des Plantes: The Mosque de Paris is here, at 39 rue Geoffrey St-Hilaire. Best. CousCous. EVER. The food is really good and it’s traditionally prepared and inexpensive. Be sure to get some bacclava, too!

Ile St. Louis/Notre Dame: There are a ton of standard cafes around here that are all really good. Most the food in Paris is amazing let’s be honest. However, there is a famous Ice cream shop called Berthillon-Glacier which is apparently the best ice cream in the world (I haven’t had any better yet!). It’s at 31, rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile.


Montmartre: 17 Rue de Trois-frères, there’s a fondue place called Refuges Des Fondues. It gets REALLY crowded on weekend nights. The Fondue is cheap, good, and the owner and staff are fun. Also, they serve their wine in baby bottles which is hilarious. Excellent for groups, and if I remember correctly if you have more than 6 you can make a reservation.

My brother and I outside of the Bistro Da Cote

Arc De Triomphe: Bistrot Da’Cote on 10 Rue Gustave Flaubert is the most amazing restaurant I have ever eaten in. EVER. The coolest part is that it’s right down the street from the main restaurant, which serves food from the same kitchen for four times the price. It’s not super cheap, but it is SO worth it. Seriously, if there’s one place to splurge on food during the trip it’s here. And by splurge I mean its maybe a few dollars more expensive than your standard café. They’re very French but they’re also very friendly. I don’t even know how to explain how good the food is! Read more of my thoughts here.

St Germain: a really good Mexican place called Fajitas at 15 Rue Dauphine. I’m sure you will want to eat French food but if not this place is SUPER good. The man is Mexican and the wife is American and they’re very cool. The margaritas are the best you’ll get in Paris!

If you try any of these places, come back and comment your thoughts, or add your own recommendations!



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